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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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patchy fog on the san mateo coastline. once that burns off we are good to go. warmer temps 60s and 70s coast and bay. upper 80s and low 90s have reappeared. here is sal. traffic looks good on interstate 680 heading from pleasanton down to san jose. this morning's commute has been nice on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. let's go back to the desk. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight. he will try to cool down the tension from last weeks police shooting. kraig debro is live. >> reporter: good morning, mike we are at the hall of justice this morning where 35 people pretty much all of them were arrested last night were taken. she told me that they were arrested on suspicion of fill area to obey an officer and
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pedestrian off curb. police say they had to beat protestors. dozens of people marched from the doors park and down to san francisco. during the march protestors are being blame for breaking glass and throwing rocks and smoke bombs. protestors are holding the protests and demonstration over the death of a 19-year-old seattle man. >> from what i have heard it seemed like the police certainly have reason to do it what they did. >> it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: police shot and killed 19-year-old kenneth harding junior on saturday. he was accused of fare jumping. hardy than ran away from them and firing a weapon. yesterday police say they found residue from a weapon on hardings hands. that proves he was firing at
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officers. he was a patrol lee and a person of interest at the death of a seattle woman. you will hear from one of the protestors why she was arrested and protesting the death of a young man. >> we have posted raw video of last nights demonstration. just going go to more than two dozen people were evacuated early this morning after eight u-haul trucks caught fire. tara moriarty is live at the scene where she just spoke with arson investigators. tara. >> reporter: that is right. we spoke to the deputy fire marshal and he's actually keeping us out of the area of the parking lot because he's going to bring in dogs later to sniff for excel rant. the police are also here as you can see behind me. they have roped off this area. we are not allowed back in. they won't say if this fire is
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suspicious or not they believe it will take time to figure out the cause. flames broke out around midnight which are parked in a lot. two dozen people were told toe vacuate. >> my brother lives do downstairs and so he's disabled. the first thought was to get him out of his room. >> reporter: the pop you just heard was most likely from a gas tank on one of the trucks exploding. that is according to fire officials. officials were most concerned about some propane tanks in the lot exploding and that is why they ordered the evacuation. all of the evacwees are back inside safe and sound. damage estimates should be high on this they tell me. we are live in mountain view i'm tara moriarty. authorities are looking for the driver of a white chevrolet
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malibu that may be involved in a deadly hit and run. the victim was standing in the number three westbound lane of interstate 80 east of mcbride avenue. the driver hit the ped and hit several other cars. the pedestrian died at the scene. the malibu sustained damage to the right front side. >> there has been another fatality on cal train tracks. it hit a man at the lawrence station last night around 6:45. the man's name has not been released. it's unclear if the death was a south side or an accident. this is the fifth fatality in seven weeks on the cal train right of way. friends and family are mourning the death of a sheriff -- 49-year-old jim mathiesen was gunned down early yesterday morning. he was asked to come to a home to help a family friend in a domestic dispute. that's when he was shot and killed by thomas halloran.
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halloran was then shot dead by the friend's brother. time now 5:04. the debt ceiling standoff continues in washington as the deadline to act draws closer. the republican lead house passed the plan but it's expected to go nowhere in the senate. the bipartisan president obama has praised. glove compartment minnesota state government is back in business today after being shut down for nearly three weeks. the last votes came in around 1:30 our time. in the end david gave up. 22,000 state workers are expected to be back on the job tomorrow. today a state lawmaker from san francisco will enter the bizarre political battle over circumcision. fiona will join those opposing the measure banning the circumcision of babies. the proposed law would put
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police and politicians involved in making a very personal decision. opponents of circumcision call the practice a form of genital mutilation. yesterday transportation officials approved $57 million for the central subway project. it will help buy two boring tunnel machines and pay for the construction of a launch box. time now 5:06. let's head over to sal castaneda. sal, good morning. >> i'm sorry what did you say? >> i said good morning. >> i thought you said warn warn. good morning, to you as well, mike. traffic is doing well to start off the morning. just checking with chp there is not a lot going on. of course we have a minute by minute or second by second automatic feed from them. and we are all good for now. let's go out to live pictures and show you the east shore
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freeway the traffic there looks good heading out to the mccarthur maze. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 and that traffic looks very nice driving past the oakland coliseum. and the morning commute looks good if you are driving in san jose along northbound 280. this is a quiet time. this might be the time for you if you don't want to have any problems on your way to work. let's go to steve. quiet time is good, sal. >> yes, it is. >> good morning. we only have patchy fog mainly san mateo and santa cruz coastline. the last couple weeks we've had extensive on shore wind and then it peels back and regroups. that is not the case. today will be sunny and warmer. there is a slight component of fog or westerly wind. it's more northerly. some of the higher elevations 1500 to 2,000 feet they are 15 degrees warmer than 24 hours. that and less fog and not much less of a sea breeze.
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we had the fog yesterday. there it goes down the coast. it's out of the picture. west, southwest seven at fairfield. calm at vacaville. calm wind santa rosa. everything is there. just a little northwest six at sfo which is nothing for them. upper 50s to low 60s. lows at the surface running slightly warmer. 58 san to rosa. the high pressure system is attainder. it's still in the middle of the country. another low will drop in. that will enhance the wind sheer. it looks sunny and we will be warming up pretty fast here. by the weekend even though it will be sunny it will billion nice it will be cooler with an increase in fog. it's patchy fog at best. temperatures will start to head out and move out fast. 60s and 70s and low 80s around the bay. it has been a long time since we've had that.
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temperatures near average to above which which is not something i have said late lay. >> thank you, steve. survey being released today names two big bay area cities as easy to get around on foot. san francisco is considered the second most walkable city in the country just being edged out by the top spot. boston and philadelphia round out the top five. time now is 5:09 work on a sound wall in petaluma has been put on hold. birds are being blamed for that hold up. first of its kind bay area population study. good morning, if you are driving on highway four it looks like we have crowded conditions coming in to contra costa county. ly tell you more about that -- i will tell you more about that coming up. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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today arizona lawmakers will announce an online campaign to building a border fence. 82 miles remain unfenced between arizona and new mexico. the proposal calls for inmates to put up the fencing. some property owners and sheriffs say the fence will not work. an estimated half million illegal immigrants live in the bay area.
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that is according to one of the first studies. the public policy institute of california found that 560p thousand illegal immigrants have made the bay area their home. that is 8% of the regents total population. here is the county by county break down. napa had the highest percentage of illegal immigrants. san francisco had the lowest. u.s. senate takes up the cut, cap, and balance bill. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom this morning with why democrats say the bill is dead on arrival. allison. >> reporter: that is right. the bill that requires a balanced budget amendment faces a veto threat from president obama but it passed the house last night. >> on this vote the yeas are 234 and the nays are 190. >> reporter: the party line vote would have cut federal spending and limited future penning. it is expected to fail in the democratically controlled senate. now debate on how to raise the
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countries debt limit turns to the so-called gang of six. a group of democrats and republicans that say they have struck that deal of of their own. >> i think everybody comes out a winner with the proposal we have. >> reporter: their plan cuts the federal deficit by $3.7 trillion over the last ten years. but it also includes tax increases that the republican and house say they just won't pass. i'll have more on that for you. for now we are -- delta airlines are eliminating cities to 24 locations. it includes sioux city, iowa. aberdeen, south dakota. delta connection partners will serve those communities. 5:14 the army psychiatrist
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charged in a fort hood rampage is arraigned in court today. if convicted of the november, 2009 attack major nadal hew san could face charges. a judge is expected to set a date for the trial at today's hearing. glance los angeles county -- a los angeles county judge will hear to set back the trial. this morning investigators in frank are trying -- in san francisco are trying to solve a bizarre mystery. they are working to identify a man who's body was found in a u- haul van parked on geary. a u-haul worker made the discovery since wednesday. it had been parked there for about a week and had four parking tickets on the windshield. they do not suspect foul play.
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cal tran is asking residence to stop feeding nearby birds. the birds are nesting in three trees around the mobile home park. in order to build a sound wall 139 of the 174 trees will need to be cut down. those trees are protected by the federal birds act while birds are nesting in them. cal tran says if people stop feeding the birds that will go somewhere else to nest. sal, people starting to hit the roadway something >> a little bit mike and claudine. traffic is getting busier in contra jocasta county which is one of the bay area's earlest commute. here on highway 4 just a lot of people they get up early. i know a lot of viewers have been quick to say yep we have to get up early to beat the rush on highway 4. westbound traffic will be busy here. it's not stop and go in bay point. let's r moving along and taking a look at the toll plaza.
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it's backed up here from not even a real big backup here as you come up toward the area here. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge across the bay. now 5:16 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have clear skies. patchy fog on the coastline. i don't think it will last too long. sunny and warmer for almost everybody. a little bit more fog tomorrow. not a lot. nice to warm. by the weekend fog and low clouds will regroup. we will have sunshine it will be nice but not as warm as today. today there is very warm air aloft. so 50s and 60s some upper 50s for many. we are running warmer. not only at the surface but the higher elevations are much warmer. that a decrease in the receive braze even though it's more west. surely it's more westerly along the coast. it's very, very calm. we have been cutting it in
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half. all signs of warmer weather. it doesn't look like it will last long. another system will drop in. that will enhance the fog. today looks like the western edge will win out. not much fog to start off with. by the weekend another low drops into the north and that will enhance the fog. today sunshine for almost everybody. maybe even on the coast. warmer patchy fog and northerly breeze. so 60s, 70s, and 80s coast and bay. upper 80s and low 90s inland. we haven't said that in awhile. today is the warmerrest weather of the week. european markets open the trading day on the upswing. that followed the trend set by the markets in the far east. japan and south korea closed up
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one percent. it was a great day on the markets yesterday. the dow up 202 points. futures is up this morning. apple up 5% in premarket trading. investigators still happy about the quarterly report. thank the iphone for some of that. let's turn to other news. one stock to watch that is apple as we said apple announced record iphone and ipad sells. revenue jumped 82% topping analysts at expectations. net income was 7.3 billion. sales of mac computers improved 14 from the year before. that is the lowest growth from any quarter. ipod closed 20%. medical marijuana supporters a bay area city aiming to double the number of dispensaries. the change is being made at
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a ballpark where a fan fell to his death. if you are driving on 237 any time soon, it looks pretty good. we already have a couple things to watch for in the bay area commute. we'll give you an update.
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good morning, patchy fog. that is about it. san mateo and santa cruz coastline. temperatures 60s and 70s coast
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but upper 80s and low 90s inland. we want you to take a look at this video. this is new time lapse video of the dust storm that rolled in phoenix. the dust was 3,000 feet high and winds were gusting up to 40 miles an hour. now that storm did begin to clear within an hour but it delayed flights at the phoenix airport. it's the second such storm to hit that area in a month. the texas rangers are making safety changes to their ballpark following the death of a fan there earlier this month. the stadium plans to raise its railings to 42 inches. right now they are only at 26 inches. that is still above the minimum requirement. the changes were prompted by the death of shannon stone nearly two weeks ago. birth control could soon be free if it's added to the medical services offered under the health care reform laws the obama administration is
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considering adding contraceptives to prescriptions fully covered by the new laws. that would mean no copay when women pick up their prescriptions. there is controversy. >> this country over half of our pregnancies are unintended and largely we can point to the fact that birth control costs too much money. >> i don't like that my government dollars are paying for something that i'm completely morally against. >> the department of health and human services is expected to make a decision by the end of next month. the oakland city council moves to double the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from 4-8. the council also approved a plan to charge a $5,000 fee to apply for a dispensary permit. and an annual fee of $60,000 to run a dispensary.
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blood centers of the pacific is going through its usual summer shortage of donors. it has less than a throw day supply on hand. it's scheduled several blood drives in the coming weeks. the next one is tomorrow at the benicia baptist church. time now is 5:24. a fatal police shooting leads to more trouble on the streets of san francisco. how the city police chief hopes to cool the growing tensions. also a set back for bryan stow. good morning, if you are driving in san jose this looks pretty good. it's nice and empty for you. getting to your job we already have issues to warn you about.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning nows it's wednesday july 20th i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. time now is 5:28 but steve paulson is here today to talk about a little warmup. hi steve. >> hello. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures yesterday did warm up. they will continue that today even with patchy fog at west. 60s and 70s and upper 70s and low 80s. and then 80s and 90s inland.
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traffic looks good on interstate 880 and interstate 580 if you are trying to get to the bridge. you should be in pretty good shape for the next few minutes. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 coming in from vallejo to berkeley and down to oakland. that is getting more crowded but still at the speed limit. 5:28 let's go back to the desk. san francisco police chief greg sur is going to hold a community meeting tonight. the chief will try to cool down the growing tensions tied to last saturday's fatal police shooting. kraig debro is live that resulted in dozens of arrests. >> reporter: we spoke with one of the about three dozen protestors that were taken into custody. we asked her why she was taking part in the protest. and she said she took part because police cannot justify chasing a fare jumper.
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protestors confronted police during the march on a number of occasions. after all anger over what police did last saturday is the reason for the march. it started at dolores park when they got to the castro district. some entered the muni station there where windows are broken, rocks and smoke bombs were thrown. police stepped in and made 35 arrests. one that was arrested said protestors were cited for failing to obey officers and being in the street. we asked one why she was demonstrating on behalf of a patrol ee and a person of interest. what she told us even if this person was guilty of all of these things he was accused of, police did not know that at the time they started chasing him and did not know him when they
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fired a weapon. they shot and killed 19-year- old kenneth harding junior last saturday. harding was being chased from a muni station in the bay view district after not paying his fare. he fired at him while he was running away and he returned fire killing him. he was a person of interest in the death of a seattle woman. another protestor told us the effect of several police shootings they are targeting certain members of the community. that is another reason why some took part in the protest. >> even if he did all of these horrible things they didn't know that. they are cushion it to justify -- they are using it to justify this murder. which makes no sense. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. we have posted raw video of last night's demonstration on our channel 2 website just go
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to bryan stow has suffered a set back. he under went emergency surgery this week after a major seizure. doctors have seen slight signs of improvement since then. the family is still urging as many supporters to still pray for his final recovery. the reward money has been raised to $225,000. 31-year-old ramirez remains the prime suspect in the attack outside of dodger's stadium but has not been charged. police say they are still looking for at least two other suspects as well as witnesses to the beating. 5:32. a sad update on the orinda teenager that was buried alive. doctors say 17-year-old ryan buchanon is in a perpetual vegetative state. he was digging a sand tunnel
5:33 am
when it gave way and it collapsed on top of him. he was buried for ten minutes before rescuers got to him. planned parenthood plans to open up a new clinic in the peninsula. >> reporter: mike, this is the proposed site of the new planned parenthood in redwood city. it's parking lot only had 18 parking spaces. that is a problem. for the city a business is required to have 27 spaces available. it appears enter prize may not be willing to play ball anymore. some worry the type of operation isn't causing the problem opinion the new planned parenthood location will
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provide planning births. the inner prize flat may have -- it hasn't necessarily stopped it. if enterprize does not provide use of the parking spaces planned parenthood could propose an alternate parking plan. we have contacted planned parenthood. as soon as we hear from someone we will bring you the latest. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say they have obtained two men that they say are involved in the death of a woman. they started the man on mccarthur boulevard. they set up a perimeter in the area and called in a helicopter to help with the search. both suspects were caught within two hours. police are not saying why they believe the men are connected to the death of 21-year-old monica sofaro. we showed you live the
5:35 am
amazing rescue of a wind surfer plucked from the chilly waters. coming up an exclusive interview with that wind surfer. what frightened her the most during that ordeal. as soon as it's light enough yosemite park rangers will continue to search for hikers who witnesses say fell 300 feet from a water fall. one person was pulled over vernal falls. the nearby mist trail alcohol leads to the falls -- mist trail which leads to the trails was shut down. the news quickly spread. >> everybody is like, you know, what is going on? and you know, now you have to change your plans and it's really sad for the family. we actually saw the family going down the trail with the rescue and search team. >> right now rangers are not confirming exactly what happened or how many people are
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missing. but witnesses say they saw at least three people fall in the water before being september over that water fall. there will be a special mail in election in oakland this november. voters will be asked to approve an $80 a year parcel tax. mayor jean quan says it will raise $11 million annually. it will help pay for police officers, city workers, and libraries. a senate committee will hold a hearing to appeal the federal defense marriage act. it would give married same sex couples the same federal benefits at hetero sexual couples. sunday is the first day same sex couples can legally marry in the state of new york. so many people want to get married on that day that mayor michael bloomberg announced a lottery has been set up. 764 couples will billion selected to get married at the
5:37 am
five clerks offices. new york city has received more than 2600 applications for marriage licenses. today first lady michelle obama is teaming up with chain stores to serve up healthy food. the stores including walmart or all greens will ex-- walgreens will expand their stores. walgreens will expand its food selection to include fresh fruits and vegetables. they are already starting rt expanded service in chicago as well as here in the bay area in san francisco. time now is 5:37. sal showed us the roads earlier. it looks like things are getting busy. >> they are. right now we have some slow traffic here and there. people get on the road it's amazing how early the commute has shifted. maybe that is why we're on the air so early. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. it's not stop and go. certainly a lot of people out there already on the road.
5:38 am
westbound 92 heading out to high-rise and over to the peninsula. no major problems on interstate 880. let's take a look at 880 here traffic already busy and southbound 880 driving down past san leandro. also this morning we are looking at san francisco want to remind you today is a 12:30 day-time baseball game. it's a sellout. the giants with the visiting dodgers there and that means that this afternoon when that came is over. around 4:00 it will be over. people will be heading out or getting to the bridge. you want to see a lot of people on the road. cal train riders will see more people joining them for their afternoon commute. just plan ahead for that. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of tourists these days, of course. the middle of summer on the golden gate. beautiful morning if you are watching in your hotel room. you will want to take a walk right now.
5:39 am
go out to the middle of the span and take a look at san francisco looking back. westbound 580 that traffic is nice so far. if you are driving all the way out to hayward the commute looks good. let's go to steve. sal, a chance to see new giant ever jeff. we do have a decrease in the fog. we've had a lot of fog the last couple of days. it has been chewed up for the most part. there is still some. it's either fog year or not so far. it has been a fog year. low pressure in the west has been hanging around but the fog is very shallow and very thin. very thin. warmer weather will kick in. not a real barn burper but temperatures have been coming up a couple degrees. you can see the fog patchy at best. upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures at the surface are running 3-5 degrees warmer. if you get up to 1500 to 2,000 feet they are really warm.
5:40 am
and there is not much of a sea breeze west, southwest seven at fairfield. a little puff at sfo which is very light. everything is in place. look at the system starting to dive into the picture. that will enhance the fog probably tomorrow. i think high pressure wins out. the western edge of it. we will give inland temperatures a little warmup. there is not much fog to start off with there will be more as we head the weekend. a little bit more of a north westerly breeze. so 60s, 70s coast and bay. 80s plenty of 80s and low 90s. fairfield 91, 92 brentwood. 78 oakland. alameda 74. pleasanton close to 90s. 84 san jose. fremont 80. they were 76 yesterday. low 80s palo alto.
5:41 am
san bruno 75. daly city 64 degrees. temperatures will come down by the weekend. san francisco supervisors in a heated debate regarding the cell phone radiation law. the impact of a decision made by the board. why the phone hacking scandal in britain is causing concern for the family of the 9/11 victims. if you are driving on highway 4, we are looking at a wide view of all the traffic coming in in eastern contra costa county and heading out to concord. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto,
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the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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good morning, it will be nice for some. today after patchy fog on the coast. sunny and warmer. a few upper 80s and low 90s
5:44 am
inland. here is a quick look at the top stories we are following right now. our ktvu ram as captures a brief chaos at police in riot gear arrested 35 protestors. they were expressing their anger. arson investigators are trying if determine what caused eight u-haul trucks to catch fire this morning. it started on highway 237. two dozen people had to be evacuated over concerns of a nearby propane tank. a cut, cap, and balance plan faces a veto threat from president obama. but the president offered support for a bipartisan proposal that would cut the deficit by almost $4 trillion over the next ten years.
5:45 am
san francisco federal appeals court. they convicted walter on two accounts of trying to kill a presidential candidate. he posted messages encouraging leaders to shoot barack obama. two of the justice said he was protected by the first amendment. new this morning the last remaining war crime suspect is in police custody. gore ran was arrested today in the mountains of northern serbia. he has been on the run for eight years managing to avid i authorities -- managing to evade authorities. high drama in the british parliament as cameron goes before lawmakers to address the phone hacking scandal. i want to give you live pictures inside the camera.
5:46 am
he defended his decision to hire his excommunication chief andy cole son. he used to be editor at the news of the world tabloid. prime minister cameron says his former aid is innocent until proven guilty. families of 9/11 victims want a miting with attorney general erik holder over the growing hacking scandal. this after britain's daily mirror reported its rivals offered to pay a new york police officer for the private phone records of 9/11 victims during testimony yesterday news corp ceo rupert murdoch said there was no evidence that happened. time now 5:46 the taliban is denying reports that the group's leader is dead. a spokesman says someone hacked into his phone and sent out a fake message to journalists saying the leader has died.
5:47 am
he has lead the decade long insurgency. he ruled most of afghanistan as leader of his taliban government. san francisco supervisors also voted to monitor the cell phone radiation laws. they are now required to educate users about potential health risks but the new ordnance does not require the disclosure of riddance levels like a previous law passed last year. only on 2. the lost altos wind surfer. the 62-year-old residence from lost altos said when she got stranded and the wind died down. her radio and beacon did not work. to stay alive she had to cling to her wind surfing board and tread for hours. she was not scared until the tide pulled her toward the
5:48 am
pilings of the san mateo bridge. >> i think i was most scared going through the the bridge. i was afraid i might get caught on something. it was getting cold. that's why i had to keep swimming the whole time. >> ktvu morning news caught the dramatic rescue live yesterday morning. coast guard spotted her around dawn raising her up to the helicopter with the use of a rescue basket. she vows to return to the water but will make sure her radio and beacon are fully charged. let's head right out to sal castaneda who is watching the roads this wednesday morning. >> good morning. by the way the wind surfers are avid ktvu watchers. let's go out and take a look at the commute on highway 4 westbound. it's pretty good. we have a lot of viewers in contra costa county who will never hesitate to come up and
5:49 am
say that highway my goodness. they say it slightly differently but i get their meaning. if you are driving on highway 4 it's okay. the morning commute will be okay here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are doing a slightly different view for the time being because they are building that new building. and the toll plaza view went away and it will come back. but not until they finish that construction i'm thinking. this mornings commute is going to be okay in the santa cruz mountains on highway 17 getting down to the santa clara valley. 280 and 880 traffic looks good. not a lot of slow traffic through the entire santa clara valley region. and steve. one of the viewers found out you had a twitter. you have one new follower george bails. >> i think that makes a million now. yes, yes. thank you very much. mostly clear. yeah mostly clear.
5:50 am
there will be patchy fog but yesterday we had that fog bank what is new making it a strong serge. i was just looking the average high this time of year is 90 degrees. actually went above that for the first time in a long time. inland temperatures have been below that. patchy foggy. it will billion nice to warm. the weekend looks like an increase and ramping up to that low cloud. sunny but not as breezy as today. some of that fog continues to be shallow. 50s and 60s. we do have low 60s around. mainly the higher elevations has kicked in for a day. there is hardly any receive braze at -- sea breeze. things have been cut in half. another low will drop in. that will be later on. tonight and tomorrow. today looks like high pressure will win out. we won't get that hot we will get near average. temperatures have been coming up and we start out with not
5:51 am
much fog today. as we head toward friday and into the weekend it looks like an increase in that fog bank. patchy fog a northerly breeze. north westerly will keep that fog held in check. 60s, 70s, and 80s coast and bay. pittsburgh 91. danville 91. 78 san leandro and hayward. for some reason morgan hill runs warmer than gilroy. cupertino 85. and 80s for some of the peninsula or upper 70s. 60s on the coast. still a little bit of a west wind and patchy fog. time now 5:51 in a short time ago american airlines announced it will buy at least 460 new planes during the next five years. the airline says it will split the order between boeing and european rival air bus with air bus getting slightly more than half the order.
5:52 am
right now american only flies boeing jets. american also said it lost $268 million in the last quarter. hotel guests are satisfied with the price of their stays. according to a survey being released today. one reason may be because hotel rates are going up more slowly than airline prices. the latest jd power shows guests are less satisfied with their overall hotel experience. and one major reason is the increasing fees. now guests did rate hotels with a higher overall satisfaction rate. if hotels offered freeway fie even if that meant the room costs more. a break in that is causing some outrage. the heartless thieves that hit wood side. the crew of atlantis is preparing for the shuttles final landing in florida.
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the crew of atlantis has less than one full day left in space. this morning the astronauts are making preparations for tomorrow's landing at kennedy space center. the commander and pilot will spend most of today practicing simulation of landing. when atlantis touches down it will trigger thousands of pink slips for kennedy space center
5:56 am
workers. 2300 people will be let go when the shuttle is safely back on the ground. thousands of other nasa employees in florida and other facilities drinkly linked to the shut -- directly linked to the shuttle program will be out of work later this year. 5:55. sheriffs deputies are now looking for the burglars who broke into a church wreck room. it happened earlier this month. investigators say the thieves pried open a side door and made off with thousands of dollars of electronic sound equipment. they also stole a dvd player and handful of other items. he pop losed basketball to a billion people. yao mink announced -- ming announced his retirement today. he blamed foot and leg injuries for cutting his career short.
5:57 am
>> especially to the fans in houston i would like to thank you for giving highway great nine years. >> yao may become the general manager of a basketball team in shanghai. >> a very tall man but so is sal castaneda. sal, you're a yao fan? >> i was. i still am a yao man. people think i'm short but i'm not that short. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along okay on northbound 280 at the 880 interchange. let's go out and take a look at the 680 commute. it looks nice and i want to circle the area in antioch we have been talking about. we have a little bit of slow traffic. it's getting redder by the minute on the map. the rest of the contra costa county looks good. let's go back to mike and
5:58 am
claudine. time now 5:57. a fatal police shooting leads to a rowdy demonstration in san francisco. how the city police chief hopes to cool the growing tension. an early morning fire at a mountain view u-haul facility. now dogs are being brought in to investigate the suspicious circumstances. good morning, not much in the way of fog. temperatures warming up. how much? we'll have those in two minutes.
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